Approved Insurance Companies


We specialize in auto glass replacement and are highly trained in ALL insurance procedures


We work with all insurance companiesEvery insurance company has a specialized procedure for setting up an auto glass replacement claim. We have been trained in the procedures for your insurance company so we can help you set up your claim in the most efficient way — and a complimentary service to all our customers. Call us first for Insurance Claims Assistance we will be happy to help you set up your windshield or other auto glass claim.

Our insurance specialists will contact your insurance company with you to help you file your claim. We will set up a conference call while you are on the phone with us which just takes a few minutes. Just have your proof of insurance available when you call and we will take it from there.

Our many years working with insurance companies filing claims will make the claims process easy for you. We are approved and recommended by all insurance companies. Auto glass replacement claims fall under the comprehensive part of your policy. In most cases your rates are not affected when you use your comprehensive coverage.

If you’re in Oakland County, Macomb County or the Greater Metro Detroit area and need auto glass replacement, insurance claims assistance, quotes, or scheduling, contact us online or call us at (248) 649-3109.