ADAS and Replacement Windshields

We live in an age when technology is changing rapidly. This is particularly true with what is happening in the automotive industry. Newer model cars are now equipped with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). What does this have to do with auto glass? Read on to learn more.

ADAS Safety Features

ADAS is designed to improve driver and passenger safety. It will warn you if you are drifting into another lane and will help you keep pace with the traffic ahead of you if you are using cruise control. Some systems will also help you with parking and will give you a warning if something is in your way when you back up your car.

With changing technology in the automobile industry, we at Troy Auto Glass are making the necessary changes to meet the requirements necessary with the new advancements. When you replace your front window due to damage, you are not just getting new glass, you are getting specially designed auto glass that is required to make your new automobile technology work properly. The replacement glass is specifically designed to be compatible with your vehicle ADAS system. When new auto glass is installed, it is necessary that your ADAS system be recalibrated to work correctly and to ensure your safety.

About Recalibration

There are two types of recalibration. One type is called Static Recalibration. This type of calibration is done using a fixed marker ahead of the car to properly set the system. The other type is called Dynamic Recalibration. This type involves the car going through a wide range of movement. This recalibration will give your computer the right information for it to work properly and give you a greater opportunity to drive safely.

Highly Trained Professionals

All these improvements in technology require that the person doing the work is professionally trained, as the work involved requires specific skills. The technicians at Troy Auto Glass have completed the necessary training to properly install your replacement windshield. Ongoing training and education is a high priority for us to keep up with changing technologies. When you use our services, you will get the proper windshield, installed by people who have the necessary training to do it correctly. Your new windshield will be aligned so that your technology will provide correct data to your car’s computer. You can be confident that when the work is done, the advanced technology you have will help you and your passengers be safer on the road. After all, their purpose is to maximize your driving safety.