Car Safety Systems and Windshields: What You Need To Know

Car Safety Systems and Windshield Replacement

New technologies in vehicles can present complications if you have to have your windshield replaced. In our article, Connected Car Manufacturers Eye Windshields, we wrote, "The effects of smart windshield technology could be substantial, from the cost of auto insurance to the amount of time and trouble involved in having your windshield replaced." The same is true of car safety systems that are installed near windshields and rely on proper windshield placement for functionality.

Vehicle safety technologies have dramatically improved road safety statistics. Lane-keeping assistance systems can warn you if you're drifting outside of your lane. Automatic emergency braking systems and collision avoidance systems can take over if you don't react quickly enough. These and other systems rely on ultrasonic, radar, video, laser, infrared and other sensors, and windshield replacement can affect their functionality.

Recalibration After Replacement

After windshield replacement, vehicle safety systems will often need to be recalibrated to avoid problems such as premature braking. Recalibration of these systems and sensors can sometimes be complicated, requiring procedures not typically associated with windshield replacement in the past, such as having the wheels aligned, filling the gas tank (vehicle height is affected with weight of gas), or taking the vehicle on a long test drive in perfectly clear weather to test systems functionality.

Does Your Insurance Cover Recalibration?

We advise you to check your insurance deductible now, before you experience windshield damage that will require our services. Find out whether your insurance deductible will cover the potential safety systems repairs. If you already have windshield damage, read our article, Tips for Filing a Damaged Windshield Insurance Claim.

At Troy Auto Glass, we've been keeping up with new technologies and the latest installation techniques for over 50 years. We intend to keep your needs our highest priority. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about how your vehicle's safety systems may be affected by windshield replacement.