Does Windshield Replacement Location Matter?

Windshield Replacement Location Matters

When your windshield is damaged and needs to be replaced, you can have the work done at the installer's shop or in a convenient location, such as your home or workplace. Before you make a choice, you should consider that the location of where the work takes place can affect the quality of the installation, depending on a few things. Here are the details.

Weather Conditions and Windshield Seals

Extreme heat and extreme cold can influence how the window will seal after it is installed. The urethane adhesive that bonds the windshield to your vehicle needs time to cure. Outside temperature will either lengthen or shorten the ideal cure time. For instance, in warm weather, the time is much shorter than in cold weather. A qualified, reputable installer will be able to determine whether the sealer is right for the weather conditions outside the shop.

Windshield Replacement at Your Location

When weather conditions are optimal and installation procedures are standard, a windshield can safely be replaced in a location of your choice. However, if there are any factors that may interfere with installation, installers will request you bring your vehicle to their shop.

Windshield Replacement in a Controlled Environment

The best choice for windshield installation is to have the work done in the installer's shop. There are many advantages to having a controlled environment and eliminating concerns about weather conditions, including:

  • Once the damaged windshield is removed, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly before the new windshield is installed. The shop has the proper equipment to do this, and it can be done under ideal conditions.
  • The windshield can be installed by two people, adding a little more precision in the removal and cleaning that must be done for the proper sealing and bonding of the windshield.
  • The shop has the best equipment immediately at hand to make sure that everything is done to the meet highest standards of windshield installation.
  • Leaving your vehicle in the shop removes the temptation to drive prematurely, ensuring proper cure time.

The Bottom Line in Windshield Replacement: Your Safety

Your safety is tantamount when it comes to windshield replacement. In most cases you have a choice between mobile or shop installation.

If you choose mobile installation, keep in mind that the longer you wait, the better your seal will be. If time or convenience is a factor, make sure that you allow enough time for the sealer to cure properly to avoid any future problems. Be sure to follow the instructions the installer gives you. This is especially important. If you drive before the windshield is properly cured, it may not protect you in an accident.

Although safe windshield replacement can be achieved outside the shop for your convenience, an installer's shop provides the best possible conditions for installation, with the best available equipment. If you are concerned about safety, being willing to sacrifice a little bit of time and inconvenience to have the work done in the shop can offer peace of mind.