Drive Away Wait Time Now Just One Hour

Wait Time After Windshield Replacement

It used to be that when you had your damaged windshield replaced you would then need to take certain precautions during the first 24 hours for maximum windshield protection and safety. However, things have changed. Troy Auto Glass now utilizes a new technology that drastically reduces that amount of time. Here are the details.

Wait No Longer

They say, “Patience is a virtue.” With our new state-of-the-art windshield adhesive technology, patience is virtually irrelevant. The adhesive requires a wait time of only about one hour to properly set. That means no long, twenty-four hour wait before you can safely drive your vehicle. No more waiting forever for the sealant to become waterproofed, avoiding bumpy roads or railroad tracks, or having to leave your car windows open. You can take your vehicle through the car wash without worrying about negatively affecting the seal.

How Advanced Cure Windshield Adhesive Works

Higher amounts of chemical crosslinking is the reason our adhesive enables a faster drive away time than conventional adhesives. Crosslinking is when polymer chains link together. The more easily the polymer chains crosslink, the faster the material becomes more rigid, or in terms of windshield replacement, the faster the cure time.

Is the adhesive safe?

Our adhesive has been tested and is crash proven by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which are issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It meets all long-term durability requirements.

You make a significant move to increase your personal safety and that of your passengers when you have your damaged windshield replaced. Now, just one hour after windshield replacement, you can drive away with confidence, knowing that the replacement windshield has had the necessary time to seal properly.