Holiday & Special Event Travel Tips

Problems like cracked or chipped windshield glass may be inevitable, but with a little planning, other problems, such as general traveling stress, can be avoided. If you plan on hitting the road for holidays or special events, here are a few tips for a safe and enjoyable trip.

If Possible, Avoid the Crowd

As we all know, highways and roads tend to be busier before, during, and after holidays and special events. If you leave a day early and return a day late, you can avoid the worst of the traffic. This may extend your total time away, but it will also help make your travels less stressful and safer.

If You Can't Avoid the Crowd...

If you are unable to leave early and return home a day before and a day after the heaviest traffic, there are still a couple of things you can do to make your trip less stressful. First, plan on some extra travel time to account for delays. For example, if your trip normally takes five hours, then allow yourself six hours drive time instead. Another suggestion is to plan alternative driving routes. If, in that past, you've noticed that the bulk of traffic happens along certain routes, try taking alternative driving routes. Although the total number of miles may increase or the total travel time may increase, it's always less stressful and safer to avoid heavy traffic congestion.

Think Ahead

Be sure to check the weather forecast and plan your travel times or routes to avoid snow storms or other inclement weather. Bring audio books, snacks, drinks, and music to help pass the time. If children are traveling with you, bring games, coloring books, and small toys. Leave pets behind with a sitter or at a kennel, if possible. If they must come with you, then you may be interested in reading our article, Road Trips With Fido. If you plan on bringing gifts, ship them in advance or do your shopping online and make the ship-to address the destination address.

We here at Troy Auto Glass wish you happy and safe travels.