How to Avoid Windshield Damage

At Troy Auto Glass, we've heard our fair share of stories about the causes of windshield damage. We thought we would let you know about the most common reasons so that perhaps you can avoid windshield damage.

Dump Truck Rocks

As we explained in last month's article, Dump Truck Rocks and Windshield Damage, rocks and little stones that fall off dump trucks can cause windshield chips and cracks. If you happen to notice ahead of time, slow down and put enough distance between your vehicle and the offending vehicle that the debris won't do any damage.

Mother Nature

Hail or flying debris in a strong storm can damage your windshield. Stay off the road and use covered parking, if possible, especially when you know bad weather is on the way. If you are on the road when bad weather hits, slow down to minimize the force of the impact, and then park your car until the storm passes.


Pay attention to your surroundings as you drive and before you park your car. Obviously, accidents will happen, but some accidents are avoidable. For example, don't park your car close to kids playing baseball.

Bad De-Icing Techniques

If you pour hot water on a frozen windshield, the extreme and sudden change in temperature may result in a windshield crack. Don't use sharp objects to chip away ice, either, because this can crack, chip, or scratch your glass. Instead, use cold water and a plastic ice scraper to patiently clear your windshield. Starting your vehicle and turning on the defroster will help, too.

If your windshield is already chipped, cracked, or damaged, don't hesitate to give us a call at (248) 649-3109 .