How to Replace Wiper Blades

Replacing Wiper Blades Is Easy

Replacing windshield wiper blades can seem intimidating, but it's a pretty easy task. First, we should mention that it's a good habit to replace your wipers at the change of every season, or whenever the blades are not performing well. Parking your car in a covered area will also affect the lifespan of your wipers by reducing constant exposure to sunlight and extreme weather temperatures.

Knowing Which Wipers to Purchase

Wiper blades can be found at most auto parts retailers and super stores. Before you shop around, make sure you know your car's make and exact model. It's also very important to know the year it was manufactured, since car companies tend to keep the same model name but modify the size of the windshield year-to-year. Although there are a variety of wiper arms and mounts (depending on the car manufacturer), most cars and trucks have hook-style arms where the blade slides over a metal hook and snaps into place.

Keep in mind that you will need to buy a different blade for each side of the windshield since one blade is usually longer than the other. It's also important to replace both blades at the same time -- if one is bad, chances the other one is not far behind.

Don't settle for cheap wiper blades that lead to poor visibility. Safety is a critical factor when driving your car, and you want to keep your view as clear as possible. Read more about our wiper recommendations:

Removing Your Old Blades

Your owner's manual should have instructions on how to remove and replace your wiper blades.

First, pull up one wiper arm upright and away from the windshield, then rotate the blade until it is perpendicular to the arm (you may have to pull a tab or clip in order for it to pivot), then remove the old blade and gently place the bare arm back down with a towel to prevent it from snapping back down accidentally and cracking your windshield. Repeat on the other side.

Attaching the New Blades

Take the new wiper and line it up so the arm's hook is over the hinge, then snap it into place (you may have to first guide the hook through the blade before pulling it away from the windshield). Give it a good pull to make sure it won't come off easily, then repeat again on the other side.

Finally, test the wipers and make sure everything is running smoothly before you hit the road. There's nothing worse than a wiper flying off or scratching your windshield during a rainstorm! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to stop by and ask one of our technicians. We would be more than happy to help you out, as well as give a free inspection of your windshield.

Drive safely!