Rolls Royce Windshield Replacement

Rolls Royce Windshield Damage

Rolls Royce is a super-luxurious, attractive vehicle brand associated with the rich and famous and particularly appealing to people who cannot be satisfied with a mere Lexus or Mercedes. The "cheapest" model starts at $300,000, and more expensive models start at $500,000. As is true with any vehicle, a Rolls Royce windshield can be damaged by dump truck debris, a fallen tree limb, a home run ball, or in other ways. If you own a Rolls Royce and have windshield damage, entrust your windshield replacement to a qualified, reputable company.

About Rolls Royce Windshields

Rolls Royce windshields, unlike the glass on the sides and back of the vehicle, are made of laminated glass, a thin sheet of clear poly-vinyl butyra (PVB) tempered glass. In severe impact situations the windshield may shatter, but usually it will remain in one piece, because the broken safety glass will stay stuck to the vinyl inner lining.

Laminated glass also strengthens the structural support of the car frame and keeps the roof from buckling in case of a rollover. It also enables the passenger airbag to deploy properly and prevents passengers from being ejected from the car.

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Rolls Royce Windshield Replacement

Saving money on a windshield replacement could translate into a loss of quality, if the company replacing the windshield cuts corners to pad their pockets. However, it is entirely possible to get a competitive price on windshield replacement without sacrificing quality. After-market glass is just as reliable as glass with a brand logo. If you decide to go with after-market glass for your Rolls Royce windshield replacement, make sure to choose a reputable service provider with properly trained technicians who use high quality adhesives for a successful windshield replacement.