Should My Windshield Be Repaired Or Replaced?

Windshield replacement is the only solution when certain factors, such as damage size and placement or type of damage, make repair more difficult or not advisable. Windshields are made with two layers of glass and a Poly-Vinyl Butyral (PVB) layer sandwiched between to prevent chipped or cracked glass from collapsing in on the driver or passenger. They are also designed to assist in supporting the structural integrity of the vehicle. Insurance companies recognize the importance of sound windshields and will set you up for full windshield replacement if you have a large chip/break, a lengthy crack, or damage that can threaten visibility or structural integrity.


The size of windshield damage is a fairly obvious consideration in helping an insurance agent determine whether replacement is necessary. The rule of thumb for insurance companies is a chip or break smaller than a quarter or a crack that can be covered by a dollar bill can be repaired. Anything larger, or a cluster of small chips can threaten the soundness of the glass and is better addressed by replacement.


Even the most expert repair can create unevenness, discoloration or reduced clarity. For this reason, when there is damage in an area that can directly impact the driver’s line of site or ability to clearly see potential obstacles, full replacement, rather than repair, will be recommended. Similarly, chips and cracks along the edges of the windshield may result in a loss of structural integrity after repair, so replacement will be recommended. Insurance companies recognize that safety is the most important thing -- if they suggest replacement, it is important to follow their advice.

Don’t Wait

Because chips can develop cracks and cracks can lengthen more quickly than you might think, your best bet is to repair windshield damage as quickly as possible. Dust and other contaminants can also accumulate in damaged areas, making it more difficult to get good results. Once this happens, replacement may be the better option.

Trust The Experts

Whatever the damage to your windshield, an expert technician is the right person to help you determine the best solution for your circumstances. If your windshield needs to be replaced, you can count on us for expert replacement. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.