Tips for Filing a Windshield Insurance Claim

Tips for Filing a Damaged Windshield Insurance Claim

Let's face it -- dealing with insurance companies can be a real hassle. When it comes to cracked or damaged car windshields, what's covered and what's not?

Collision Coverage vs Comprehensive Coverage

Generally speaking, there are two different kinds of automotive insurance. Collision coverage involves accidents with other vehicles or crashing into objects like trees, guardrails, or fences. Comprehensive coverage is for any damage caused by storms, fire or theft.

Is It Worth Going Through an Insurance Company?

First, find out if your deductible costs more than the windshield replacement. Some insurance companies will even waive the deductible for windshield replacement, especially if your windshield has never been replaced.

Will Filing an Insurance Claim Make Your Rates Go Up?

Most insurance companies do not penalize the driver for windshield damage caused by road debris, storm debris (such as falling tree branches or objects picked up from tornadoes or strong winds), fire, hail, deer and other animal collisions because they are considered “acts of nature." Theft and vandalism may also be exempt because the driver was not at fault.

Windshield Replacement Scams

Beware of auto repair shops, mechanics, or random people who notice any damage on your windshield on your car and insist they can repair or replace your windshield. This type of service should only be done by a certified auto glass specialist. It's sad to note that most windshield replacements are not installed properly:

How to Submit Your Claim

Let us handle your claim! We have been working with insurance companies since 1962. It's free, easy, and you can even do it online: