Tips for Selecting an Auto Glass Replacement Company

Who are you going to call for windshield replacement?

You have a damaged windshield that must be replaced. What do you do? Who do you call? How can you be sure that the job will be done correctly? Do you have to bring the car in for windshield replacement, or does the company come to your home or business to do the job? These questions are very important for you to consider when deciding who to call for help. Since your personal safety and that of your family is important, trust a professional who has been thoroughly trained to meet the high standards required for such an important task. A company using professionals can also assist you in making insurance claims for your damaged windshield.

An improperly installed windshield presents a safety issue.

A windshield that is not properly installed could develop cracks and chips. These small chips, which can hardly be seen, can grow into larger cracks and spread across your windshield creating a potentially dangerous situation. An improperly installed windshield could fall out in an accident. This could improperly trigger the airbag. There are many signs to indicate when your windshield was not installed correctly. You might notice some water leakage or hear unusual wind sounds when driving at higher speeds. When these things occur, it is usually a sign that the proper glue was not used or it was not given enough time to properly bond. In some cases, the wrong windshield for your car may have been installed. If you experience these things, you need to have this problem fixed.

Are they certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council?

There is a non-profit organization called the Auto Glass Safety Council, which has established professional standards concerning auto glass replacement. The repair technicians are certified by this organization to be sure that the work done will meet the highest industry standards. This would include using the proper windshield for the make and model of your car, using proper clearing of debris, cleaning, and using proper adhesives. A technician who is certified is trained on all aspects of windshield replacement to give you the security that your new windshield is properly installed. So, make sure that you call a company certified to meet these standards, and check that this company is also approved by your insurance company. Replacing your windshield should be taken seriously, so consider having the work done with a company that offers professional installers to do the job.

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