Windshield Wiper Care Tips

A clean windshield is an important aspect of safe driving, but many people forget to check the windshield wipers- until it’s too late. It is important to keep the wipers and blades working properly to protect your windshield and help prevent unnecessary repairs.

Here are some helpful tips for caring for your windshield wipers:

  • Clean your windshield regularly to remove dirt, grime and other substances that could damage the rubber on the blades.
  • Clean the wiper blades when you wash the windshield. Road tar, sap, and other substances can harden and dry on the blades causing the rubber to crack. Keeping the blades clean allows for a better connection with the glass and will prevent streaking and smearing.
  • Pull wipers away from windshield when threat of snow and ice. This will keep the rubber from sticking to the glass, preventing damage to the blades if you try to pull then off.
  • Be sure to defrost your windows and use an ice scraper to clear the windshield in winter months instead of using your windshield wipers. This will prevent the rubber from wearing down and eliminating risk of scratching the glass.
  • Inspect blades every few months to be sure they are not cracked, ripped or worn. Wiper treatments can also be applied to condition the rubber to prevent hardening and cracking. The conditioner will also protect the wipers from freezing in the winter and from harsh rays from the sun in the summer. It is a good idea to replace the blades every year. Be sure to replace damaged blades right away to avoid damage to the glass.