Most Replacement Windshields Are Not Installed Correctly

The Dangers of Improper Windshield Installation

The installation of your windshield may be as important as the installation of your brakes. Your windshield is more than just glass — its frame is a structural part of your vehicle and helps to support the roof so your car or truck cabin doesn't collapse during a rollover. It also prevents passengers from being ejected during a collision.

Studies show 70% to 85% of all windshield installations are not done correctly.

Factors include not using a primer or the wrong adhesive, installing in temperatures below 40 degrees, and handling the windshield without gloves.

Taking your car or truck to a dealership doesn't guarantee the windshield will be installed correctly, either. Many dealerships send cars to a third party, then add a percentage of the cost for themselves. Going directly to a certified auto glass shop who specializes in replacing windshields is your best bet.

Inspecting Your Windshield Can Save Your Life

If your windshield glass has cracks, looks distorted or if you see any kind of leakage, rust or mold coming from the seams, you should call a certified automobile glass technician immediately. Your safety may be at risk.

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