Winter Car Washing and Why It Matters

Why Keeping Your Vehicle Clean Matters

Slushy snow, ice, salt, and road grime are prevalent throughout the winter in Michigan, so it makes perfect sense to put off washing your vehicle until spring, right? Wrong. The best way to prevent rust on your vehicle exterior is to keep your vehicle as clean as possible. Rust can not only make your vehicle unsightly, it can cause damage to your vehicle's exhaust, brake, and gas systems.

Washing Your Car In the Winter

For obvious reasons, washing your car in freezing weather is not a good idea. Water can freeze your doors shut, cause ice to form in your door locks, and other critical areas. If possible, wait until the temperature rises above freezing to wash your vehicle, and don't forget to rinse the underbody. Be sure to dry your vehicle thoroughly. Another option is to bring your vehicle to a professional car wash with a heated car washing facility.

Protect Your Car

Because salt and road grime will inevitable accumulate on your vehicle within days of washing, it is important to wax your vehicle for added protection. A little time and elbow grease can go a long way in preventing rust damage.

Protect Yourself, Too

Washing your car in the winter, even when the temperature is above freezing, can leave you cold wet mess without the proper attire. Wear waterproof gloves, boots, and other protective clothing. Stay as warm and dry as possible!