Wiperless Windshields?

Windshield wipers have been around for over a century, but could one day be replaced by ultrasonic technology.

Imagine keeping your windshield pristine with high-frequency sound waves that act like a vibrating forcefield to prevent rain, snow, dirt, bugs, and other debris from attaching to your windshield. This technology is already being used on some military aircraft using a patented high-frequency electronic system.

Imagine never having to deal with wipers smearing bird droppings or old wipers scratching your windshield. Ultrasonic frequencies generate heat from the vibration of the windshield and act as a defroster to more efficiently deal with melting snow, ice, and keeping the glass from fogging.

No one knows for sure when will this technology be available to the average consumer, but we suspect it won’t be anytime soon. Currently, federal motor vehicle regulations state that all cars and trucks must be equipped with windshield wipers with at least two speeds. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would also refuse to make any changes to federal requirements until a petition is filed for such a change on automotive windshields. A thorough investigation with years of research must also prove that this invention is considered safe and effective for all vehicles.